Customer Engagement
    "VoC" - Voice of the customer feedback tools
  • Receipt, text or QR code driven surveys
  • Rewards coupons, drawings and instant winners
  • Invite referrals and online reviews
  • Incident notification and tracking
  • Feedback analytics - multi language support
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Inspections and Mystery Shopping
    Customer driven "On the Spot" inspections
  • NPS ratings, photos, realtime feedback
  • Auto scheduling,digital rewards coupons
  • Incident notification and tracking
  • Integrates with traditional MS programs
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  • Apply here to become a mystery shopper
Staff Feedback and Recognition
    "VoIC" - Voice of the Internal Customer
  • Voic-Box KIT - Kudos, Ideas, confidential Tips
  • Staff recognition and best idea initiatives
  • Engage your staff to boost morale and success
  • Staff Surveys- Hosted and fully customizable
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Training and Development
    Train you staff and team members
  • Behavioral based Applied Learning system
  • Customizable interactive learning modules
  • Learning model "assess-learn-practice-share"
  • Monitor progress through our LMS portal.
  • Request a complimentary Guest Care training demo.

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