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professional services iconProfessional Services

We have been providing training, client feedback and mystery shopper services to the the professional services industries since 1990. Our professional services clientele includes banks, real estate, insurance agencies, financial services, photographers, hair salons and other sales and service professionals.

We can customize our services to your needs to aid you in achieving the results you desire. Below is a brief overview of services tailored for your operations.


feedback icon  Client Feedback, Referral and Retention
  Web-Based Surveys, New Client Referrals and Client Relations Services.

feedback icon Client Feedback, Referral and Retention Program Overview (flash)

Do you have an easy and cost effective way to monitor client satisfaction and to invite new client referrals and to promote follow-up business? Our Client Feedback Referral and Retention programs allow you to easily invite feedback after new client visits and to invite new client referrals. Optional periodic e-newsletters or birthday greetings can further promote your products and services. Get client feedback, invite new client referrals and promote your business through one integrated program. In addition to online, realtime, actionable reporting, you will receive immediate e-mail notification of client dissatisfaction allowing you to address and correct problems quickly. Optional bounce back coupons or other incentives can be used to promote repeat business and to build customer loyalty. To learn more about all guest feedback and retention services, Click Here.


shopper iconOnsite Mystery Shopper Services
Mystery Shopper Brochure (pdf)   Sample Ski Rental Shopper Report

We have been providing Onsite Mystery Shopper programs throughout the United States since 1990. We customize our programs to reflect your unique service and quality standards and needs. Whether you need an ongoing program or an occasional inspection, we are there to help. We carefully select, train and monitor our evaluators to ensure the highest quality reports. We use cost saving technologies to give you timely and relevant information 24/7 from our web servers. Used in conjunction with our guest feedback surveys, you can "inspect what you expect" from your service staff and keep an ongoing pulse on customer satisfaction.


training iconCustomer Service and Sales Training.

Use the "ABC's of Effective Customer Service" training and development program to train your entire staff in the essentials of taking care of both the external and internal customers who depend upon them.
  • This training focuses on the Attitudes, Behaviors and Commitment needed to provide a high level of service excellence
  • Includes a self assessment, participant workbook, Flash or Power Point presentation and facilitators guide and is adaptable to your organization goals.
  • Training can be delivered by one of our trainers, your in-house facilitator or as an individual program on cd or online from our web site
  • Affordable and applicable for your entire staff
  • Contact us for a price quote and training outline

telephone iconTelephone Skills Training and Assessment

    Program Overview    Sample Training Module    ABC's Evaluation Copy

  • Use the "ABC's of Effective Telephone Service and Etiquette" program to train your entire staff to become more effective over the telephone.
  • Training focuses on the Attitudes, Behaviors and Commitment needed to provide a high level of service and effectiveness over the phone
  • Certification programs available based on actual "on the job" performance
  • Cost effective with verifiable performance enhancement results
    Please contact us today for a free consultation, price quote or evaluation copy


shopper iconMystery Caller Recorded Telephone Evaluations:

    View an Interactive Online Report (requires I.E. Browser to hear sound file)   

  • Evaluate actual on the job performance through recorded telephone mystery shops
  • Timely email reporting to supervisors with links to online evaluations, sound files and reports
  • Supervisor/Employee email interface enables supervisor and employee to independently review evaluations, listen to recordings and add comments from any computer with Internet access
  • Targeted online interactive re-training and testing with a virtual coach on items needing attention
  • Online reporting system to track your results over time by employee, department or location
  • Certification programs available based on actual “on the job” performance
  • A cost effective program with verifiable performance enhancement results
  • Please Contact us today to receive a free consultation, price quote or free telephone evaluation