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Guest Feedback, Referral and Retention

Are your customers satisfied and referring their friends?

Do you have a system to monitor customer satisfaction, promote follow-up business and to invite referrals? Our web based programs make it easy to invite client feedback and request referrals after each visit. Optional periodic e-newsletters or birthday greetings can further promote your products and services and generate ongoing referrals. You can maintain this cost effective program with a minimal time commitment from your staff. Here's how it works:

  • 1. We create a customized web based feedback survey branded for your business
  • 2. You invite your customers to give feedback following a transaction/interaction
        Option 1. From a printed invitation on a transaction receipt
        Option 2: From a link within a follow-up email or your web site
        Incentives may include: bounce back coupons, drawings, refer a friend coupons etc.
  • 3. Send out periodic e-newsletters and/or birthday greetings through our online email    marketing program. Take a do-it-yourself approach or we will be happy to assist you
  • 4. We make the entire process easy on your staff and on your budget.

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Feedback, Referral and Retention Program Features and Benefits
Receipt driven or e-mailed follow-up surveys Keep a pulse on your customerís satisfaction
Customizable branded forms, criteria, scoring Collect the information you need
Timely email notification of dissatisfaction Identify and resolve problems timely
Dissatisfied customer rescue interface Reclaim otherwise lost customers
Bounce-back coupons or other incentives Increased repeat business and loyalty
Collect feedback on individual staff members Individual recognition & accountability
Ranking reports by property or employee Quickly identify & recognize top performers
Online 24/7 reporting & analysis tools Analyze results in real time from anywhere
Optional e-newsletters and birthday greetings Build relationships and promote new services
Affordable and easy to administer Pays for itself in increased business & loyalty
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