Mystery Shopper Scam Alerts

Check Scam

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association has alerted its members of a scam. In response to that, we in turn are alerting our shoppers accordingly.
You may visit the MSPA website at

The Performance Edge never conducts mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers. We never ask shoppers to send us or anyone else money for any reason. If someone posing as a representative of The Performance Edge ever contacts you with a cashier's check, money order or a company check they would like to send you to have cashed or mails one to you, do not try to cash is a scam!

Click on the following links for more information: and

To report incidents of a check scam, report it to any or all of the following agencies:

Federal Trade Commission

Your local FBI Field Office
Go to the site to find local information.

Internet Crime Complaint Center

If you received a  check, notify the bank of the check it was drawn on so they can alert their branches and other banks not to process the checks.

If the scam was delivered using United States Mail

Make certain you document everything you do with dates, times and names of people you speak with. Save all correspondence. Some of the agencies above will issue a reference number for the complaint; make sure you retain that information as well.

These issues should be reported whether you incurred a loss or not. Your reports may help stop the scam before someone else gets hurt.

Email Contact

If anyone contacts you by email claiming to be representing Performance Edge, check out their email address. If it's a address, a address, or any other address that does not look like a legitimate business address, contact US before falling for a scam! Legitimate emails from The Performance Edge staff will always have More importantly, if you hit "reply," make sure it will go BACK to this address. Scammers could attempt to spoof our email addresses. Be careful. Don't get scammed!

Mystery Shopper Recruiting Scam

The Performance Edge NEVER charges shoppers any registration fees. In fact The Performance Edge NEVER charges shoppers for ANYTHING. Using our name as well as other company names, scammers attempt to recruit mystery shoppers via email. The angle is they try to collect a fee from you and/or your personal information. The emails may contain text stolen from our website in an attempt to add legitimacy.